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Leap day – extra days so why don’t you come to a frog talk

February 28, 2012

To make use of the extra day this year, Amphibian Ark has organised a day called – Leaping Ahead of Extinction: A celebration of good news for amphibians in 2012. So at the Museum there are a whole day of talks and a chance to see our live animals up close in a Leap day of talks.

Leap Day talks

10.00am: Adam Bland – The Reproduction of Central American Leaf Frogs and their captive breeding as an important conservation tool.

10.45am: Matthew Wilson – The Ecology and Habits of the European midwife toads (genus Alytes), including their recent introduction to the British Isles.

2.30pm: Robert Jehle – Revealing the mating system of a poison-arrow frog: insights from DNA fingerprinting techniques and conservation implications.

3.15pm: Andrew Gray: Investigating the structural, optical, and chemical properties of neotropical amphibian skin for conservation purposes.

Price: Book on 0161 275 2648, free, adults, Conference Room, Floor 2

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