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We Face Forward: Anansi Stories

June 1, 2012

We Face Forward: Anansi Stories

We Face Forward is a city wide season of exhibitions, events and happenings celebrating the global and the local, exploring the links between Manchester and West Africa.

We Face Forward launches on 2 June in the Manchester Museum with an exhibition and activity day all linked to Anansi the spider.

A popular character in West African and Caribbean folklore, Anansi the Spider is a trickster who started life as a man, but due to his mischievous ways was turned into a spider by his father, the Great Sky God. Because of his small size, Anansi uses his intelligence to survive and stories of his adventures have a lot to teach us all.

Using the Museum’s natural history and ethnographic collections, The Manchester Museum has worked with the African Caribbean Carers Group and artist Alan Birch to develop a re-interpretation of the Anansi Spider stories. The group’s resulting artworks, printed stories and Museum objects are displayed in the Museum’s reception area.

On Saturday 2 June we are looking forward to the Anansi Spider story being brought to life in a performance by the Men’s Room Community Group and Royal Exchange Theatre.

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