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Confucius Institute talks on China – next talk Wednesday 12 December

December 11, 2012

The Confucius Institute
Free Public Talks On China

Divergence and Convergence:

Traditional Chinese and Western modes of thinking
Dr Keekok Lee


For over two thousand years, since the time of Aristotle, if not earlier, the Western mode of thought has differed profoundly from that which has obtained in China, and which still remains as part of the Chinese cultural heritage.

However, in the last century, this divergence appears on the verge of becoming convergence, owing to certain basic discoveries in modern science, which have compelled Western thought to depart from its Aristotelian roots and move towards a mode of thought which is remarkably akin to the ancient/traditional Chinese one. This talk will draw attention to aspects of the fundamental differences between the two and look toward future models of understanding.

The Confucius Institute public talks are free and open to all. There is no need to book, just come along on the day.

The Kanaris Theatre
Wednesday 12 December 2012
1pm – 2pm
Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, M13 9PL


For more information, please visit our webpage:


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