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Rogue Cell

February 1, 2013

Ahead of ‘The Rogue Cell’, we reveal the 5 leading cancer researchers from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research who will be discussing their research on Monday evening:

Dr Claudia Wellbrock has been in Manchester since 2007, and her lab is paving the way to understanding skin cancer.

Dr Andrew Gilmore, an expert in programmed cell suicide, and just what it is in cancer that sends this crucial mechanism awry.

Dr Keith Brennan, fascinated by human development, Keith uses this understanding to fathom out the whys and wherefores of breast cancer and himself has been instrumental in setting up numerous large-scale breast cancer research initiatives.

Dr Ahmed Acat-works with Keith in deciphering the crucial details of developmental pathways that are triggered in cancer.

Dr Patrick Caswell leads a research group into understanding how cells understand their chemical and physical environment and what implications that has in cancer.

Come and join us for a coffee and an insight into the complex but fascinating world of research!

Monday 4th February, 6-8pm The Manchester Museum

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