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Biodiversity – A sustainable future for Manchester

May 20, 2013

The Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester and Manchester Museum are hosting a series of discussion events exploring the development of a sustainable future for Manchester. These events will bring together experts from outside the University and academic researchers to present the pertinent issues, ideas and solutions surrounding transport, clothing, housing, biodiversity and food.

The next event in the series is on 21 May is on the theme of Biodiversity.

Tuesday 21 May: Biodiversity Matthew Holker, Greater Manchester Ecology Unit. In order to develop communities’ wildlife identification and recording skills, From Grey to Green is a project that has been created by the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit to encourage and train local people to identify and record wildlife across the county. Community Engagement Officer, Matthew Holker, will conduct a talk on the importance of recording wildlife, with an emphasis on submitting records and the roles of the National Biodiversity Network and Local Record Centres. Also considering the pertinent issues and ideas surrounding biodiversity and sustainability – Henry McGhie, Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology at Manchester Museum; Dr. Roland Ennos will present research on the cooling and flood prevention effects of urban trees and other types of green space; Dr. Emma Gardner will discuss opportunities for enhancing biodiversity across the University; and Dr. Jennifer Rowntree will look at pollination and sustainability.

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