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Big Sat Trees, Egyptian Love Poetry, Catherine Bennett

June 27, 2013

Saturday 29 June sees four events for families and adults at the Manchester Museum.

Saturday 29 June, 11am-4pm. Find out why trees are tremendous at this Big Saturday event for all the family.

Enjoy hands-on investigations and activities looking at the flora and fauna growing and living on street trees and find out about wildlife living in trees. Meet experts from Red Rose Forest, the Grey to Green Project, RSPB, Lancashire Wildlife Trust and British Science Association. See and find out more about the tree fossils in the Museum’s collection and discover some top tips for choosing the right tree and looking after it. Get crafty and help us to create a giant tree installation.

In partnership with Red Rose Forest and as part of the British Ecological Society’s Festival of Ecology.

Event two is Talking trees in ancient Egyptian love poetry 2pm. With Cynthia Sheikholeslami, American University in Cairo.

An ancient Egyptian papyrus, dating to around 1100 BC, contains a series of love songs related to trees and fruits. This talk will explore the themes and imagery of these Egyptian love songs, and how they were related to the worship of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, a deity associated with fertility – but also with trees.

Cynthia May Sheikholeslami studied Egyptology at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, and UCLA. Her interests are in the history and society of the New Kingdom and the Third Intermediate Period in Egypt. She has published a number of studies dealing with the cult and priests of Montu in Thebes during the 25th Dynasty, and is preparing a publication of some of their funerary equipment discovered in the Hatshepsut Temple for the Polish-Egyptian Mission at Deir el-Bahari. She has also researched information about Egyptian antiquities contained in the travel accounts of 19th century visitors to Luxor.

Price: Book on 0161 275 2648 or, free, adults

As it’s the Last Saturday of the Month, there is also an Urban Naturalist and Jesper Launder returns for a Herbal Medicine Walk.

June is a wonderfully rich time of year for anyone interested in exploring their natural surroundings and finding wild foods for free. There are many edible leaves and shoots to be found, with more than a splash of colour from the delectably edible flowers bursting through. Experience a real sense of the transition between spring and summer; observing, touching and tasting the flourishing delights on offer. June is a great time for discovering the final stages of spring fungi and the onset of summertime varieties, so with bit of luck (and a little rain) we may find some edible wild mushrooms too. With Jesper Lauder and Cracking Good Food.

Book on 0161 275 2648 or, £3, adults

The fourth event is a special appearance in Living Worlds gallery of Catherine Bennett. POP STAR, museum worker and tuna-pasta enthusiast Catherine Bennett the creation of Taylor aged 9 is visiting Manchester Museum where she filmed her first music video. CB loves nature and enjoys looking at trees; she’ll be performing and teaching her new dance sensation inspired by the Animal Kingdom. Come down to meet CB, listen to her interview a curator and join in some crafty activities in our galleries. @realCB

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