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Dig Your Park – Whitworth Park Archaeology and History Project

July 1, 2013

From Monday 1 July to Friday 12 July, archaeologists, volunteers and Friends of Whitworth Park will be digging in Whitworth Park, for the Whitworth Park Archaeology and History project.

This is their latest blog entry ….

We’ve donned our waterproofs, dusted down our tools, and laid out the trenches… the Whitworth Park dig is about to start!

We will be excavating from Monday 1st July until Friday 12th July 2013, with daily site tours at 1pm each day: please come and visit! This year, we will be returning to the Boating Lake and hoping to get down to the Edwardian deposits underneath the concrete layers of the paddling pool, as well as investigating the old land surface underneath the artificial mound, and more remains of the Bandstand. If we have time, we will also investigate one of the Park Shelters, which was used specifically by gentlemen visitors, and especially by Veterans from both World Wars. Here, they chatted, held talks, played card games and smoked, in the company of their friends. We are hoping to find some interesting remnants of these activities!

Once more, we will be working with volunteers from the Friends of Whitworth Park, students from the Archaeology Department, and local community members, alongside Museum and Gallery staff. We are also hosting visits from several local schools.

There will be a major Open Day on Saturday 6th July and another Open Day on Saturday 13th July (part of the Council for British Archaeology’s ‘Festival for Archaeology’ and Manchester Museum’s Big Saturday Dig Now, when you can see some of the finds and hear about the final results, although we will have backfilled the site). These will be run in conjunction with the Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery. On both days, we will be encouraging to add your own memories of the park (even quite recent ones!) to our oral history project, and we will have copies of old photographs and archaeological finds for you to handle. There will also be some family-friendly activities for the youngest of archaeologists out there!

Drop by for a lunchtime site tour, a chat over the fence, or one of our special Open Days, and keep checking back for our latest Blog entry…


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