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After Hours: Trees at Manchester Museum – Thursday 25 July

July 17, 2013

After Hours: Trees

Thursday 25 July 6.30pm-9.00pm
Drop in, free.

Explore our Collecting Trees exhibition at night and enter our woodland wonderland.

Listen to wood music with Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh playing the Kora and Sidiki Dembele. Create a collaborative art installation on the theme of i-trees with artist Lucy Burscough and contribute to Treezilla, a project to map all the trees in the UK.

We’ll also be welcoming The Mustard Tree Drama Group presenting Tribal, a performance at 6.30pm influenced by our Warriors and the Plains exhibition. The group explore themes of culture, identity and belonging. The Drama Group is based at The Mustard Tree, a centre who supports vulnerable and marginalised adults. The group meet weekly and take part in drama workshops to develop teamwork and theatre skills whilst improving confidence and self esteem.

After Hours: Trees is part of the British Ecological Society’s Festival of Ecology.

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