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Ian Panter and Conserving the Past – Wed 24 July 1-2pm

July 23, 2013

Ian Panter and Conserving the Past- Voices from the Ancient Worlds Gallery

Wednesday 24 July, 1-2pm

Ian Panter, principle Conservator at York Archaeological Trust will be giving a talk at Manchester Museum discussing his work with conserving and preserving ancient wood that may otherwise be lost. This treatment and preservation enables us to understand even more about the ancient world and gives an insight into the use of a material that is often engulfed by the natural world.

Ian will be discussing his latest project the Must Farm boats, which were found two miles from Flag Fen at a site near Whittlesey. These eight Bronze Age prehistoric log boats were superbly preserved as they were embedded in the wetland area. The discovery has led to an even greater understanding of the use and production of an important part of the civilisation that existed 3500 years ago.

However, Ian’s work is not only restricted to waterlogged wood logboats. More recently him and his team conserved a wooden goblet for the Manchester Museum itself.

Come along to the talk which promises to be an exciting and interesting experience. To book your place call 0161 275 2648 or

Price: Free

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