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Salford Sioux Talk

September 4, 2013

Join Museum curator Stephen Welsh, performer Anjum Malik and academicNatalie Zacek in our evening event about why 100s Salford Sioux camped by the River Irwell. This event begins at 6pm and will feature 15 minute short talks from each speaker. There will also be an opportunity to see a selection of books about Native American culture, kindly on loan from the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre,

The event is part of the events programme linked to Warriors of the Plains: 200 years of Native North American honour and ritual. The exhibition is on tour from the British Museum and is with us until early November 2013. Alongside the British Museum objects we also have some of our own wonderful Native North American objects including clubs, a tomahawk, pipe-stem, pipe bag and headdress. For more information about the exhibition visit

Warriors of the Plains. Manchester Museum. 2013.

Next Tuesday 10 September there is Craft in the making – Encounters with Native North America, also at 6pm.

Explore replica-making as a way of understanding the skill and significance embedded in Plains Indian craftwork. With Petra Tjitske Kalshoven and David Spencer.

Both events are free, but if you’d like to reserve a space please ring 0161 275 2648 or e-mail museum

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