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Bookclub, Skulls and Death, Romans, Mosses and Singing

September 13, 2013

The last week in September is a busy month for the Museum Meets adult events.

September’s bookclub is Tuesday 24 September: 5.30-6.30pm and the book is Shackleton’s Man Goes South by Tony White.

For the free e-book

If you’d like to hear Tony White speak check out the Manchester Literature Festival as he’s speaking in the Museum on Tuesday 15 October. Corresponding to this month’s Book Club:

OnTuesday 24 September 1-2pm Bryan Sitch, our curator of Archaeology will be giving a talk – Skulls , death and the Dark Ages. Bryan will explain what the discovery of 1400-year-old skeletons of men who died at the Battle of Chester are telling us about the nature of ‘Dark Age’ warfare.

Book on 0161 275 2648 or, free, adults

If you fancy a more indepth look at archaeology there is Workers Education Association course from Ice Age to Iron Age, Starting on 25 Sep, 2.45-4.45pm for 10 weeks

This course will explore our human past through archaeological sites and past events across Europe, including the cave art that emerged 30,000 years ago, the Stone Age villages of the Danube corridor and the Balkans, and the Celtic societies that flourished in the centuries before the Roman advance.

Book: or 0151 243 5340 £62/unwaged free, adults

Price: £62/unwaged free

Manchester Museum is also joining in #BeingRoman from the British Museum

On Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 September, you can take a Taster Tour of Roman Objects from 1pm- 2pm

The Manchester Museum has a fascinating collection of Roman objects. Manchester itself was a Roman fort, and the Museum showcases many local Roman finds, as well as material from other parts of the Roman empire. Join a Roman tour of the Manchester Museum, and see objects such as the famous Manchester Word Square, and casts of a woman and a dog from Pompeii, killed by the eruption of Vesuvius. After the tour, there will also be an opportunity to handle some Roman pottery and a selection of Roman coins, in the Collections Study Centre at the Museum.

If nature is more your thing, on Saturday 28 September, 2-4pm there is Urban Naturalist on Moss.

Urban Naturalist is a series of friendly, practical workshops run by leading naturalists. From wild food-foraging and composting to bird song and insect identification, explore biodiversity on our doorstep. The city is sometimes a surprising environment to find amazing wildlife, but mosses are one group that are common, yet often overlooked. These fascinating primitive plants are true pioneers, growing in the corners of our city and sometimes right in front of us. With last year’s wet summer and this year’s mild winter, conditions are perfect for these strange little plants. Starting at the Museum, find out more about the history, life cycle and diversity of the humble moss. We’ll then head out into the city itself to see how many different mosses we can find. With a bit of luck and a keen eye, we’ll be able to find a whole host of different colours, shapes and sizes. With Russell Hedley from Nature Talks and Walks. Book on 0161 275 2648 or, £3

And finally on Sunday 29 September 2-4pm there is Manchester Museum sings:

Fancy an afternoon of singing songs from around the world inspired by the Manchester Museum’s collections? Join Caroline Bithell, ethnomusicologist from the University of Manchester and member of the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network, in an afternoon of thrilling rhythms and uplifting harmonies. Songs will be taught by ear. All levels of singers welcome.

Book on 0161 275 2648 or museum, free, adults

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