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Satellite Crochet Coral Reef at Manchester Museum

December 20, 2013

Coral: Something Rich and Strange is a new exhibition at Manchester Museum between November 2013 and March 2014 which will explore the enduring fascination with coral as a material, symbol and inspiration for artists, cultures and societies across the centuries.

We invite you to create your own crocheted piece of coral and contribute to our Manchester Satellite Coral Reef, part of a project by the Institute of Figuring. The Institute of Figuring describe the project ‘that resides at the intersection of mathematics, marine biology, handicraft and community art practice, and also responds to the environmental crisis of global warming and the escalating problem of oceanic plastic trash.’ Or watch IFF Director Margaret Wertheim in a TED talk.

Come along to our Big Saturday: Under the Sea, Sat 25 Jan, 11am-4pm and After Hours, Thurs 27 Feb , 6.30-9pm for crochet workshops. Or send in your crochet coral pieces to be added to the reef (only acrylic yarn please).

For instructions and patterns please see or attached to this e-mail. There is also a poster to display.

You can find out about the exhibition and project at or the Museum Meets blog

The Manchester Satellite Reef and Mark Dion’s Bureau of the Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacy

Courtesy Manchester Museum

Photography by Sven Eselgroth

Chain Stitch.doc

Coral Sheet.pdf

Single Crochet.doc

Crochet Coral Reef.pptx

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