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From the War of Nature – Boxing Hares

April 11, 2014

From the War of Nature, our new temporary exhibition opens today Friday 11 April and is on display until 7 September.

Boxing hares, burrowing parasites, baby birds and prowling wolves are just some of the characters appearing in this story of predation, competition, co-operation and collaboration. The exhibition reveals that living things resolve conflict in many, often unexpected, ways and aims to challenge the perception that war is an inevitable outcome of conflict. From the War of Nature coincides with the nationwide commemoration of the start of World War I. The title comes from Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, published in 1859. Drawing upon more recent scientific discoveries about the relationships between living things, the exhibition explores the place of war in nature, and the idea of a ‘struggle for existence’.

Photo by Claire Mills

This picture of boxing hares is from the exhibition but if you’d like to contribute to a hare project, Greater Manchester Ecological Unit is looking for volunteers to carry out a brown hare survey. The survey is self guided and can be completed by anyone. It’s simple to carry out and very rewarding. You simply walk a route recording any hares seen and some other useful information at the same time.

· Just go to

· Click on the nearest blue/white hare to where you’d like to survey and download the survey map and survey pack.

· Follow the survey guidelines in the pack to complete the survey.

· Once the surveys have been done, fill in the spreadsheet and email it back to samuel.bolton

· Please complete by the end of April but forms will be accepted up until the end of May.

· That’s it J

Further details about how to spot brown hare can also be found at and you can post any brown hare pictures at

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