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Is cleanliness a bad thing? – Lunchtime talks From the War to Nature

May 14, 2014

Join Dr Sheena Cruickshank for our first lunchtime talk for the From the War of Nature exhibition. Sheena’s talk ‘Is cleanliness a bad thing? looks at the hygiene hypothesis and whether there is a link between parasites and allergies.

The talk begins at 1pm on Friday 16 May and takes place in the Kanaris Theatre in the Manchester Museum.

Sheena is part of the Manchester Immunology Group who study the immune response to response to parasitic worm infections. To see Sheena speak about this work check out the University of Manchester Make a Difference Blog.

The topics for the next lunchtime talks are

Friday 23th May, 1-2pm: Marco Smolla will look into the world of social insects and the value of co-operation

Friday 30th May, 1-2pm: Dr Jenny Rowntree shares her interest in parasitic plants and how they affect their environment

Friday 6th June, 1-2pm: Dr Andrew Dean delves under the surface of the pond to look at predation and conflict at a microscopic level.

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