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From the War of Nature Lunchtime talks – The superorganisim

May 20, 2014

Join Marco Smolla for our lunchtime talk for the From the War of Nature exhibition. Marco’s talk ‘The superorganism – what it is and what we can learn from it.’

The talk begins at 1pm on Friday 23 May and takes place in the Kanaris Theatre in the Manchester Museum.

Bees, wasps, ants, and termites – these social insects fascinate humans since centuries not only for their economical importance as pollinators but also due to the incredible societies they form. Thousands of individuals act and interact simultaneously to build, extent and repair their home, forage for food, care for brood and defend their community. A scientific field for many exciting questions that might also elucidate the evolution of our very own sociality. The talk will elaborate on one of the main features of social insects, division of labour, and describe why it is important and what we know about it.

The topics for the next lunchtime talks are

Friday 30th May, 1-2pm: Dr Jenny Rowntree shares her interest in parasitic plants and how they affect their environment

Friday 6th June, 1-2pm: Dr Andrew Dean delves under the surface of the pond to look at predation and conflict at a microscopic level.

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