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Under the surface of the pond – Free lunchtime talk at Manchester Museum for From the War of Nature Friday 6 June 1-2pm

June 3, 2014

Join us for our last lunchtime talks, led by scientists from Manchester University, that explore the recent scientific discoveries and relationships between living things, exploring the place of war in nature and the idea of a ‘struggle for existence’

On Friday 6 June we’ll be joined by Dr Andrew Dean who will delve under the surface of the pond to look at predation and conflict at a microscopic level.

Beneath the surface of our lakes and ponds there is an array of plants, animals and bacteria all trying to survive and thrive in a watery war of nature. Many of these organisms are too small to be seen with the naked eye, yet when looked at under the microscope they reveal a beautiful, diverse and fascinating hidden world. This is the world of the plankton, where plants and the animals that feed on them can be as small as 1/200th of a millimetre. In this talk Andrew will describe these microscopic plants and animals of our ponds and lakes, and through live microscopic demonstrations reveal their fascinating diversity of form, colour and motility. He will reveal how these organisms predate on each other and compete, but also cooperate. The plankton will then be placed into the context of the overall aquatic food chain, and it will be shown how these tiny life forms ultimately provide the food source for the familiar aquatic fish and birds. Following the talk there will be time available for the audience to do their own microscopic investigations on a selection of digital microscopes.

The talk is from 1-2pm and will take place in our Kanaris Theatre on Floor 2. No need to book, just drop by.

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