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Transplorations – Meet artist Tracey Walshaw

July 7, 2014

From Monday 7 to Friday 11 July from 10.30am to 1pm to coincide with National Transplant week, artist Tracey Walshaw will be in the Museum to talk about her exhibition in the based and to raise awareness of kidney donation.

Transplorations is a journey of one

person’s experience of a kidney

transplant and is a celebration

of the selfless act of the donor.

Artist Tracey Walshaw, a regular

visitor to the Museum tells her

story through creating images and

making mosaics.

Inspired by our collections here at the

Museum, Tracey chose the ammonite and

shabti’s displayed in the Museum. She tells us why.

“ Ammonites symbolize for me

the spiral of life. I am drawn

to fossils because they come from

living forms. In their fossilization

millions of years later they still

retain their shape and beauty.

In ancient Egypt times shabti’s

were buried with folk to do their

work in the afterlife. I love their

form and played with the idea

of my husband Martin’s kidney

doing the work for my body

in my present life. For me, the

colour turquoise symbolizes health

and energy. It’s brightness feels

both uplifting and encouraging.

When I see turquoise my heart

flutters at the potentiality of life.”

Tracey wants to raise awareness about organ

donation. Do you believe in organ donation?

If you would take an organ would you be

willing to give one and help someone live

after your death?

“ I would like to urge everyone

to sign the organ donor register

so that more critically ill people

can get the opportunity that

I was given for a new life and

future. No words can express

my gratitude.”


Central Manchester University Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust


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