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Big Saturday – Travel the World with Music

July 31, 2014

Travel the World: Big Saturday: 11am-4pm

Travel the world this summer without leaving Manchester, travelling back in time and across the globe. Make some fascinating creations of your own and enjoy World Music performances.

11am Chinese Music performance by Henry Fung (Hong Kong) & Mei Mei Wu (mainland China) Enjoy Chinese music performances on traditional instruments the erhu and the guzheng.

Museum Reception, Floor G

11.45am African Storytelling around animals in Nature’s Library, Floor 1 with Chanje Kunde from Zambia

12.30pm Kathak Dance, a classical dance form from Northern India (from the word Katha, which means story), with Kanchan Maradan in front of Maharajah the elephant in the Manchester gallery, Floor 1

2pm Iranian Frame Drumming with Arian Sadr, –

Manchester Gallery, Floor 1

2.45pm Chinese Fan Dance for children in Nature’s Library, Floor 2 with Mei-Mei Yu. Join in with this traditional dance which resembles

fields of butterflies (fans provided).

Drop in, free, all ages

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