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Global explorer guest blog

September 5, 2014

Guest Blog by Sajia Sultana

Hello! My name is Sajia Sultana and I am a third year Psychology student at the University of Manchester. I am currently a summer public programme intern at the museum and my role involves documentation and evaluation of the summer programme activities.

What have I been doing over the summer? I have experienced facets of the public program. I have attended Big Saturdays, outreach events, Baby Explorers, Magic carpet sessions, and Global Explorer activities. I have documented the summer activities in a number ways. I have been taking of images of families engaging in various activities, one word comments describing visitor’s day at the museum, Global Explorer floor book with a series of questions, recording visitor comments and lastly postcards.

The highlight of my internship with the summer public programme has definitely got to be the Travel the world Big Saturday. It was truly spectacular to see families enjoying music performances from around the world. My favourite performance of the day was the Chinese fan dance with Mei Mei Wu, which resembles fields of butterfly. I will now be a regular visitor at the Big Saturday events!

Don’t miss the next Big Saturday on 27TH of September, 11am-4pm. This Big Saturday will take you to the South Pacific. Make your own Hawaiian flower lei to wear as you explore the Museum and learn about the fascinating cultures and diverse environments of the Pacific. Follow the link to find out more:

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