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Siberia: At the Edge of the World

January 16, 2015

Before our Siberia exhibition closes on 1 March, there is still time to check it out in person, watch the trailer, or take part in our family and adult events.

Making a living in Kamchatka: Daily Life and the Spirit World of the Koryak

Sat 24 Jan, 2-3pm. Despite Stalin’s persecution of shamans in the 1930s, shamanic practices of communicating with animals and spirits are still alive and well today. Koryaks are mindful of their relationships with animals, spirits, and the land as they go about their everyday life. Rituals are special times for intense communication with these non-human beings, and everyone joins in. Find out more with Dr.Alexander D. King, University of Aberdeen.

Price: Book online or phone 0161 275 2648, free, adults

Big Saturday

Sat 24 Jan, 11am-4pm. Visit our ‘Siberia: At the Edge of the World’ exhibition and discover more about the culture and unique nature of this vast, mysterious land; one and a half times bigger than Europe. Enjoy activities for all the family, from traditional music and arts to a guided tour of the exhibition. Meet curators and see objects from the Museum’s stores.

Exhibition tour

Wed 11 Feb, 1pm & Wed 25 Feb, 9am. An informal tour of our temporary exhibition ‘Siberia: At the Edge of the World’ by one of the exhibition curators Dmitri Logunov. This photographic and specimen-based exhibition presents the full diversity of Siberia and its complex natural history through stunning photographs of majestic Siberian landscapes, wildlife and local people, combined with numerous museum objects.

Price: Book online at or phone 0161 275 2648, free, adults

For the early tour, our Café has kindly offered a 10% discount.

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