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China and the West

April 13, 2015

Manchester Museum has been collaborating with the Confucius Institute since our Journey to the East exhibition.

The Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute Free Public Talks on China 2015

China and the West – From the Opium Wars to Olympics

Professor David Law, Former Director of the Confucius Institute at Edge Hill University

In modern history, the West (Europe and the USA) has been a source of inspiration for some in China and a source of threat for others. Not so simple as a split between radicals and conservatives: the Boxer uprising was virulently anti-Western but the student radicals and the early Chinese communists (1919-1927) drew strength from Western ideas. With 1949, and the rule of the CCP, the new state was firstly in a mutually antagonistic ‘non-relationship’ with the West. Now, as symbolised by the 2008 Olympics, harmony has replaced discord. We will, in historical perspective’ and in the context of the international work of the Confucius Institutes, consider Chinese / Western interaction over the last two centuries.

Wednesday 22 April

1pm – 2pm

The Pear Theatre, Coupland 1 Building, Coupland Street (off Oxford Road on the main University campus), Oxford Road, M13 9PL

(Please note the venue change! This talk will NOT take place in the usual place at Manchester Museum)

Kind regards,

The CI team

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