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Rapa Nui, English Corner, Collection Bites & Secrets of Nature

May 23, 2015

Rapa Nui is our theme for the May half term holidays. In June we’ve a busy couple of weeks for events for adults – English Corner, Collections Bites on an Egyptian theme, an evening of science with Secrets of Nature, an exhibition tour of Rapa Nui all combined with our regular Wednesday tours.

Mon 25 May-Fri 29 May, 11am-4pm.

Visit the Museum’s Making Monuments on Rapa Nui exhibition, and find out more about the monumental stone statues (or ‘moai’) of Rapa Nui (named Easter Island by European explorers). Discover the role they played in the lives of the islanders, how they were quarried and transported across the island, and what they mean.

Create statues of your own inspired by objects in the exhibition, including Moai Hava, a statue collected from Rapa Nui in 1868, on loan from the British Museum.

Drop in, free, families



Tues 2 Jun, 1-2.30pm

English Corner

Free English conversation classes using the Museum’s collection as inspiration for discussion.

Drop in, free



Wed 3 Jun, 1-2pm

Collection Bites: Egypt under the Roman empire

Dr Roberta Mazza, lecturer in Classics and Ancient History at The University of Manchester, will unravel everyday life in Egypt under the Roman empire, from the defeat of Mark Antony and Cleopatra to the Arab invasion.

Pharaonic Egyptian past is well known and popular among people across the world for the fascination of mummies, tomb treasures and the millennial history of the Egyptian civilization. However, Roberta will also discuss Egypt’s history after the Pharaohs; a story of cultural layering as the region became annexed successively to the Greeks, the Romans and the Arabs; presenting papyrus documents and archaeological objects from the Museum’s collections.

Book online at or phone 0161 275 2648, free, adults.

Thursday 11 June, 6-8pm



Secrets of Nature

Curiosity drives scientists and a desire to understand complexity in the natural world. Join us for an evening of science conversation with scientists from The University of Manchester, Richard Bardgett, Reinmar Hager, Jon Pitman and Giles Johnson. Each scientist will be on hand to share their passion for their research, with lightening talks and hands-on demonstrations of their work in understanding complex natural systems, both aboveground and belowground.

“A Journey into the Underworld” will illustrate research around soil ecosystems and carbon cycling, using exhibits of soil profiles and their vast biological diversity. “Mother Knows Best” will illustrate work around the genetics of social behaviour in animals using live invertebrates and choice chambers along with animated videos. “A Clean Sweep” will examine the adaptations of plants to natural radiation and their use in bioremediation. Here visitors will be able to investigate bioremediation of natural radiation using Geiger counters in simulated scenarios. The “The Light Fantastic” will explore how plants respond to their environment, including changing climate, by extracting chlorophylls, measuring chlorophyll absorption spectra and photo. This event is supported by the Natural Environment Research Council as part of their Summer of Science.

Book online at or phone 0161 275 2648, free, adults.

Tues 16 Jun, 1-2pm.

Join curator Bryan Sitch for an exhibition tour of Making Monuments on Rapa Nui. Part of Adult Learners Week.

Book online at or phone 0161 275 2648, free, adults.

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