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Migrating Cultures, English Corner and Giving Gifts in Ancient Egypt

November 28, 2015

The beginning of December sees three Museum Meets events in the Museum.

Collection Bites

Migrating Cultures: West Africa and the Caribbean

Thursday 3 December


Book, or phone 0161 275 2648

Despite the highly repressive nature of transatlantic slavery and forced migration, enslaved peoples managed to hold onto vital aspects of their West African culture. Using objects from Manchester Museum’s Living Cultures’ West African collection, images and film from the Caribbean, Isabelle Cox will explore cultural migration; looking at how and why certain traditions have continued to endure on both sides of the Atlantic.

English Corner

Tuesday 1 December


Drop in, free

Free English conversation classes using the Museum’s collection as inspiration for discussion. December’s session will focus on the Phantoms of the Congo River exhibition.

Giving Gifts in Ancient Egypt

Wednesday 8 Dec


Book on or ring 0161 275 2648

Dr Campbell Price, explores how and why the ancient Egyptians contact their many animal-headed gods.

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