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Frogs leaping towards extinction – Urban Naturalist

February 10, 2016

Frogs leaping towards extinction – Urban Naturalist

Last Saturday Matthew O’Donnell Curatorial Assistant at the Vivarium here at the Museum gave a talk entitled Frogs leaping towards extinction, this marked the beginning of a new phase of our Urban Naturalist programme.

What are amphibians and why are they declining on a global scale? What does this have to do with Manchester Museum and the Urban Naturalist?

Here at the Manchester Museum we house one of the most important collections of Costa Rican Amphibians in the world. We maintain genetically diverse populations of critically endangered amphibians, to help ensure that they do not become extinct in the future. Through this talk we explored the causes of amphibian declines and what the Manchester Museum is doing to help conserve them. We also looked at how each and every one of us can get involved, ”It all starts with you” is a simple embodiment of that message of social responsibility which helps illustrates how we all have a part to play in the future of amphibians and the wider environment as a whole.

For more information about this topic please visit our blog;

Friendly, practical workshops run by leading naturalists. From wild food-foraging and composting to bird song and insect identification, explore biodiversity on our doorstep.

Urban Naturalist will run from 2-4pm on the last Sunday of every month until the end of 2016, for more information or to book onto the workshops please visit;




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