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Rock Music, Moths, English Corner & Egyptian Bites

February 26, 2016

Join us at the Museum for a mix of adult events

Saturday 27 February, 4.30pm: Rock Music

“We love the idea that the sound of handaxes being made provided the percussion of
everyday life for over a million years. We can’t help thinking that when these rhythms are
abstracted into electronic music they will evoke something distant yet familiar.”
Owl Project

Following an artist residency at Manchester Museum, as part of the University of
Manchester, Owl Project have become fascinated by the Museum’s prehistoric stone tool
collection and how it resonates with modern technology.
In Rock Music, Owl Project will tune 5,000 years back in time to reclaim one of the oldest
known creative processes: Flint Knapping. Making sharp tools from stone such as flint, or
‘Knapping’ is acknowledged as one of the earliest human processes. With the support,
advice and guidance of archaeologists, the collective intend to closely examine the rhythms
and movements associated with the practice of making stone tools.
Rock Music will celebrate the prehistoric method of making stone tools through a live
reenactment. Working with primitive technologist Karl Lee and experimental archeologists
they have developed a set of augmented tools, new sensor and audio technology, which
they will use to detect movement and sounds from the processes of knapping. During the
performance, a flint knapper will make a hand axe and the process will be transformed into a
live electronic music performance courtesy of Owl Project.

The performance is free to attend. Please RSVP Owl Project is
kindly supported by Manchester Museum and Invisible Dust.

Sunday 28 February, 2-4pm: Urban Naturalist

Urban Naturalist is our friendly, practical workshops run by leading naturalists. From wild food-foraging and composting to bird song and insect identification, explore biodiversity on our doorstep.

This month the workshop will be led by Dr Michael Dockery one of our resident Moth experts, who will teach this interactive and entertaining session. Topics will cover Moth camouflage, variation and even the opportunity to design your own Mancunian Moth.

It’s free but you can book a ticket on or ring 0161 275 2648

Tuesday 1 March, 1-2.30pm English Corner

Drop by for some English Conversation practise with English Corner. Free

Tuesday 1 March, 2-3pm Collection Bites

The Ancient Egyptians appeased their gods with a range of offerings; Curator of Egypt and Sudan Dr Campbell Price explains how and why.

It’s free but you can book a ticket on or ring 0161 275 2648

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