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Edible or Deadible?

April 21, 2016

Last month’s Urban Naturalist event was hosted by David Winnard, an incredibly knowledgeable local naturalist and expert forager. We were treated to a comprehensive introduction to the poisonous and edible plants and fungi of Greater Manchester.

David began the event with some samples of the sumptuous drinks he produces from foraged ingredients which immediately perked our interests! Not normally known for my adventurous palate I sampled lavender drink which was sublime, with all the other varieties also well received.


Our taste buds tantalised, we were taken on an exploration of the dos and do nots of foraging, guided all the way by David’s expert knowledge and lovely photography. Combined with the examples of goods he had collected that very morning it helped create an immersive experience that was thoroughly enjoyable.

The assembled participants were invited to share stories of different experiences of foraging and identification with near misses and success stories a plenty. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Edible or Deadible’ section of the workshop where we were invited to guess, based on images whether or not a mushroom was toxic. It certainly highlighted my lack of judgment; perhaps more research will be required before I start sampling the local mushrooms.

I would like to on behalf of myself, and all the participants, whole heartedly thank David and Lauren for putting together such an engaging and informative workshop from which we all learnt so much.

This Sunday’s event is the turn of Dr Luke Blazejewski a wildlife filmmaker and conservationist working out of Salford, whose workshop will focus on the relationship between people and nature in cities, and explore ideas around community engagement. He will also be sharing some of his experiences as an urban naturalist, encouraging people to develop new ways of helping communities engage with the wildlife on their doorstep.

Sign up via –


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