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April 29, 2016

Big Saturday: Neanderthals

Saturday 30 April


Discover more about Neanderthals, who they were and how they lived, and how research at the University of Manchester is adding to what we know. See objects from the Manchester museum collection and talk to some of the experts who have contributed to the Rediscovering Neanderthals exhibition.

Get hands-on and investigate what a Neanderthal’s skull looks like and compare it to other ancient skull models.

Join us for a variety of activities for all the family.

11am-4pm, drop in, all ages, free


Exploring Representations of Neanderthals in Popular Culture

Sunday 8 May


Book online at or phone 0161 275 2648, free, adults

Early popular culture representations played a significant role in shaping the stereotypical perception of Neanderthals as dim witted and brutish cavemen. This talk by Dr David Kirby, the University of Manchester and author of Lab Coats in Hollywood, will explore how this stereotype remains a prevalent feature in movie, literature, television and comic books but it will also examine how these representations have dramatically changed over the last 150 years alongside our scientific understanding of this species.

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