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Nurturing a Love of Nature

May 18, 2016

Nurturing a Love of Nature

Last month’s Urban Naturalist was hosted by Dr Luke Blazejewski, a local wildlife photographer and conservationist. He led a fantastic workshop that looked at ways to engage communities with the nature on their doorstep. We were treated to some of Luke’s brilliant short films, including one looking at stories of the River Irwell as well as another that focused on the recent flooding in Salford. I really recommend watching them, please see the link below.

His unique perspective on urban environment and its value to nature was refreshing, especially in this current climate. Luke’s enthusiasm was highly contagious and before the end of the workshop we were all drafting up a raft of ideas for local projects.

Having established ‘Clean Up Salford’ in 2013 Luke has plenty of experience with developing local initiatives. This knowledge was supplemented by everyone’s personal experiences, which really helped to bring some novel and exciting ideas together. I would like to on behalf of myself and all those who attended thank Luke for his insightful and thoroughly enjoyable workshop.

Sunday the 29th of May welcomes David Orchard to the Manchester Museum. David’s workshop will focus on native amphibian – identification, life cycles, habitat requirements and surveying. If you are interested in amphibians (like me) then this is the session for you.

Sign up via -at or phone 0161 275 2648, free, adults

Book online at or phone 0161 275 2648, free, adults

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