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What’s new about newts?

June 6, 2016

Last Sunday welcomed David Orchard to the Manchester Museum; David is a local amphibian expert who very kindly came in to host our Urban Naturalist workshop all about native amphibians.

David proved to be a big draw as despite the beautiful weather outside on Sunday we had a great turnout of Urban Naturalists eager to learn more about our native frogs, toads and newts. We were all well rewarded for our attendance, as David gave a comprehensive introduction into species identification, life cycles and habitat requirements.

We were also treated to an expansive introduction to amphibian surveying, the do’s and do nots, from egg identification to tips to avoiding disaster in a pond at night. We all emerged as apprentice ecologists eager to embark on our very own back garden surveying!

Special mention has to go to a small pair of palmate newts; little did we know that the end of the workshop would usher in two live local amphibians. They most certainly stole the show. Whist they also presented an opportunity for everyone to practice their new found herpetological expertise!

I would like to on behalf of myself, and all those present, whole heartedly thank David for his thoroughly entertaining and informative workshop.

Next month on the 26th of June we welcome Dr Jonathan Fairman of The University of Manchester, who will be hosting a meteorologically themed workshop, looking into the recent flooding events in the UK. Whilst also exploring what role if any climate change might have had in causing said flooding events. For more information or to sign up to this event please visit -

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